We often are asked the following questions about our products, and how to best store, serve or enjoy our desserts. We hope this section will help to quickly answer any of your general questions or concerns. Click on the question to view the corresponding answer.
Product Serving Information | Cheesecakes | Ordering and Shipping | Wedding Cakes

Product Serving Information
How many servings in a cakes?
How many servings in a muffin (are they large enough to serve two people)?
How long can the product be stored in the freezer?
What's the best way to store the product? Can it be refrozen?
Do you have any tips on slicing?
Do you use any preservatives?
Can you include a gift card?

How many servings in a cheesecake?
Should the cheesecake be served at room temperature or chilled?
What beverages work well with the cheesecake?
Do the cheesecakes have a crust?

Wedding Cakes

What is the price of the wedding cake?
Can you replicate a wedding cake if I bring in a picture?
Do you deliver the cake and when? Is there an additional charge?
Does Sweet Jazmines provide flowers if we are using fresh flowers?
Should we get enough cake to feed all of our guests or only a percentage?
What is a service cake?
What wedding cake flavor and design do most people choose?
What is a cake tier and cake layer?
Does the wedding cake have to be all one flavor?
Do you use a frosting or a buttercream?
Where do I go to learn more about the wedding cake consultation/tasting appointment?