How to Order, and Other Frequently Asked Questions
Plus, a Short Tale About Baking from Scratch
Following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our products, and how to best order, store, serve and enjoy our desserts. Click on the question to view the corresponding answer. But first, a little story about baking from scratch!
Baking from Scratch
Why do we bake from scratch? From our perspective, this answer is obvious: making a dessert with fresh, natural ingredients is going to taste inherently better than either convenience products (mass-produced with preservatives and other chemical ingredients), or pre-made mixes. In addition to the deliciousness of the product, another advantage to from-scratch baking is the peace of mind we have, knowing exactly what we are putting into our customers' bodies.
How does baking from scratch affect my order? Because we bake from scratch, we bake our cakes fresh daily, which means that we have to schedule carefully which cakes will be baked on each day. We cannot, for example, delay work on someone's wedding cake because another customer remembered Uncle Harry's birthday at the last minute and was hoping that we could whip up a custom cake with 24 hours notice! Our cakes utilize the freshest ingredients, intensive preparation methods and careful decoration by hand to achieve the desired taste and presentation, so we ask that you place your orders at least one week in advance. Every customer and every order is special, so ordering at least a week in advance enables us to spend as much time baking and decorating Uncle Harry's birthday cake as we spend on the most elaborate and multi-tiered wedding cake!
The moral of the story:
Your order must be placed at least 1 week in advance for single-tier cakes, and at least 2 weeks in advance for multiple-tier and specialty cakes. Due to the artistic process required to create our custom cakes, we regret that we cannot make any exceptions to this!
Frequently Asked Questions

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Ordering Information
How far in advance should I order my cake?

Product Serving Information
How many servings in a cake?
How many servings in a muffin (are they large enough to serve two people)?
How long can the product be stored in the freezer?
What's the best way to store the product? Can it be refrozen?
Do you have any tips on slicing?
Do you use any preservatives?
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How many servings in a cheesecake?
How long can a cheesecake be stored in the refrigerator after thawing?
Should the cheesecake be served at room temperature or chilled?
What beverages work well with the cheesecake?
Do the cheesecakes have a crust?

Shipping & Delivery
Do you offer shipping or delivery?

Wedding Cakes

What is the price of the wedding cake?
Can you replicate a wedding cake if I bring in a picture?
Do you deliver the cake and when? Is there an additional charge?
Does Sweet Jazmines provide flowers if we are using fresh flowers?
Should we get enough cake to feed all of our guests or only a percentage?
What is a service cake?
What wedding cake flavor and design do most people choose?
What is a cake tier and cake layer?
Does the wedding cake have to be all one flavor?
Do you use a frosting or a buttercream?
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